Web Design Process

Over the past few years, having a presence on the internet has become fundamental for businesses, corporate organizations and even individuals who have some reason or the other to want to be easily accessible. This cuts across those organizations or businesses whose businesses are online or offline. Based on this immense level of demand for internet presence, there has been a commensurate increase in the supply of web design services, since websites are after all, the front doors of the businesses or organizations they represent.

The process by which a website is built is very dependent on the particular workflow of the contractor handling the project as well as the preferences of the client. However, there are some basic phases that ought to be put in place as a matter of course. The first stage is the conceptualization stage. This is the stage at which the client and the web designer discuss about the purpose of the website as well as the particular features it is intended to have. At this stage, the client has free-rein to detail everything that they have envisioned for their web page, and the designer will note them all down for action in the next stage.

The next stage is the planning stage, and it is where the designer will work on the wish-list of the client to select the particular solutions that he will have to implement on the website for it to be able to provide the set of features requested. For instance, in the case of a Live Sex Chat project on http://www.camplace.com, the fundamental need of the website will be the chat function through which people will be able to communicate with one another, as well as a profile system by which it will be possible to view and select Live Sex Chat partners. The designer will, at this stage, plan the plugins he is going to need, the code he is going to have to write and everything else he will have to put in place for those features to work properly.

Afterward, the actual building of the web page will begin. This will be the period when the designer will wear his developer hat and begin to write all the code or install anything and everything that was outlined in the planning stage. The code and everything else that makes up the site will have to be tested very rigorously to ensure that the website is functional and responsive across different browsers. This will also be done from the perspective of different internet platforms such as mobile devices. Debugging will also be done at this stage, referring to the careful identification and removal of any errors that are present in the code, such as errors in the Live Sex Chat platform.

In all, the process of building a website from scratch is one that is very complicated, and which takes serious cooperation between the contractor and client to achieve the best results. The ideal end-result will be a website that is fast, responsive and beautiful, with functional features like profile updates and chat for a Live Sex Chat website.

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